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Yanık Ülke Gülnihal Roze

Merlot and Shiraz

The Burnt Country Vineyards takes its name from the volcanic soils called Katakekaumene, or Burnt Country, in ancient times.
While the vines in Yanık Ülke Vineyards grow on lava stones on the slopes of Divlit Volcano; It matures with its own unique flavors in this fascinating terroir, which is 924 meters above sea level, fed by the winds from the volcano and the sun of Kula, covered with pitch black soil.
Grapes grown from this very special terroir of the Burnt Country, which has been the subject of the famous geographer Strabo’s inscriptions, which is known as the land where the most beautiful wines are made and the most beautiful vines are grown since ancient times, make a magical journey from soil to bottle every year with the chateau type winemaking method. .

As the hot days of summer come to an end, the grapes harvested in the cool hours just before sunrise take their place in the cool rooms before being processed, in their most perfect state, without being subjected to any journeys, crushed or tired, at the winery located at the very heart of the Yanık Ülke Vineyards. Thus, we take a step on the adventure of making wine with the same care from our grapes, which we have been looking after with great care, excitement and labor for a year, and which are a gift to us from the black lands of the Burnt Land…

Terra – Kalecik Karası Roze

Terra Kalecik Karası Rose on the nose ripe strawberry, raspberry, orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla; On the palate, it is a full-bodied and long-finished wine offering rich fruit flavors.

It pairs perfectly with fish, salads and appetizers.

It is recommended to drink at 8-10°C.

Terra Kalecik Karası Roze’s Awards

Los Angeles Wine & Spirits Competition 2009 Silver Medal
Critics Challenge 2011 Silver Medal
MUNDUS VINI International Wine Competition 2011 Silver Medal
San Francisco International Wine Competition 2012 Silver Medal

Vinolus Blush 2013 – Kayseri

40 percent of the vineyards with an altitude of 1,159 meters is Kalecik Karası and 60 percent is Tempranillo grapes, with 12.5 degrees alcohol.

Vivid pink color. Red fruity aromas are intense and lively on the nose, and refreshing and aromatic on the palate. The acidity is slightly sharp, a slight sharpness is felt. It should be chilled well and sipped within 1 year, tried as an aperitif or with spicy starters.

Chateau Nuzun Rose – Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot & Zinfandel & Syrah 2012

Chateau Nuzun Rose 2012 is a medium bodied, strong rose wine with 13.5% alcohol, produced by natural methods from the organic certified grapes of Çeşmeli vineyards, in the winery established in the vineyard. This wine is different from the general rosé, which has the qualities of a rosé, a red and a white wine, with its colour, taste and acidic structure.

47% Cabernet Sauvignon
41% Merlot
7% Zinfandel
5% Syrah

An astonishing product that defies habits with its colour, taste, density and grape varieties. It can be sipped with light red meats, salmon, pizza and pasta with sauce.

La Mon Reve – Roze – Sangiovese – 2013

Mon Rêve means “My Dream” in French. The wine was named after Lucien Arkas and Vedat Milor. Mon Rêve Sangiovese 2013 is a wine that received the Silver Medal at the International Organic Wine Award 2014.

It is a medium bodied wine with strawberry, watermelon and plum aromas, produced by La Organic Viticulture and Winery from Sangiovese grapes with organic farming. The alcohol rate is high, 14% alcohol slightly affected the balance. Fruity on the nose, jam and caramel on the palate, short-medium finish. It should be tried with salmon, snacks, salads and red fruits.

Kayra Allure Beyaz Kalecik Karası – Roze – 2015

A lively and refreshing rose with 12% alcohol produced from early harvest Kalecik Karası grapes of Kayra. In its light pink color, citrus, orange blossom and red fruit associations are felt on the nose, and aromas of strawberry, raspberry and fresh ginger on the palate. It can be sipped at 6-8 degrees as an aperitif.

Büyülübağ İris – Roze – 2014

A 14% alcoholic, fruity wine produced from Adakarasi, the local grape of Avşa Island. Vivid rose-pink color, with aromas of red fruit such as currant and wild strawberry. A full and aromatic food rosé. Pasta with tomato sauce can be enjoyed with meat pizzas, as well as with meats such as lamb and veal. It can be served at 8-10 degrees.

Büyülübağ İris – Roze – 2015

A 13% alcoholic wine with a pronounced acidity, produced by gravity method from Adakarasi, the local grape of Avşa Island. A food rosé with a deep pink color and red fruit flavors. Pasta with tomato sauce can be enjoyed with meat pizzas, as well as with meats such as lamb and veal. It can be served at 8-10 degrees. Magical Bag Iris won the silver medal in 2015 and Challenge International du Vin 2016.