White Local Wines

Chamlija Papaskarası Blanc de Noirs – 2016

A white wine made from black grapes. It is produced by fermenting the white must, taken from Papaskarası grapes under very low pressure, in French oak barrels at low temperatures. On the nose, apple, pear, peach and tropical fruit flavors are taken. With 13.5% alcohol and fresh acidity, it can be sipped with shellfish, creamy and sauced white meats.

Doluca Karma – Chardonnay Narince – 2014

A dry white wine with 13.8% alcohol, aged for 12 months in French and American oak barrels, produced from Chardonnay and Narince grapes in Çerkezköy facilities. Straw yellow, oak, citrus and floral aromas are evident. Medium bodied, strong, fruity and persistent on the palate. White meats with 8-10 degrees sauce, pasta with seafood and cheese can be sipped with Asian dishes.

Decanter 2014 – Bronze Medal
Sommelier Wine Awards 2015 – Silver Medal
International Wine Challenge 2015 – Bronze Medal

Chamlija Papaskarası Blanc de Noirs – 2015

Chamlija Blanc de Noirs, which is the first white wine produced from black grapes in our country, is a dry white wine with 12% alcohol and fresh acidity, produced by pressing Papaskarası grapes under low pressure and fermenting them at low temperatures. It is light yellow in color, with apple, peach and tropical fruit aromas on the nose. With its fresh acidity, it can be sipped with shellfish, creamy and sauced white meats.

Nif Bornova Misketi 2012

Bright light yellow, 14% alcoholic white dry wine produced by gravity flow method from low yield Bornova Musketi grapes. On the nose, fruity and floral notes of lime, bergamot and nectarine are felt. It has apple and bergamot connotations on the palate. With its short finish and full oily consistency, it is a clean and pleasant wine that can be sipped without being over-chilled.

Kocabağ Emir 2014

Kocabağ Emir 2014abağ wines are produced from Emir grapes of the Cappadocia region, using the gravity method in a natural cave carved from rock. A Narince touch has been added to the mineral character of Emir, the wine grape of the region, to this wine. It is light yellow in color, with apple and earthy scents on the nose, mineral and acidic on the palate. It can be said to be medium bodied and medium finished. It can be sipped at 8-10 degrees with cold starters, white meats, pastas and salads. (The manufacturer suggested serving at 6-8 degrees.)

Sava Classic – Sultaniye – 2015

Produced from Sultaniye grapes grown in Denizli region, 12.5% alcoholic, fruity, easy to drink, dry white wine that can be sipped with pleasure with its price-quality performance. It can be drunk with white meats, cheese and cookies at 6-8 degrees.

Kayra Vintage Chardonnay 2012

Kayra Vintage Chardonnay 2012 is a 13.5% alcoholic wine produced by Sur Lie method and weekly battonage in oak barrels (Barrel Fermented) at Mey’s Şarköy Wine Production Facility, with limited filtration applied in its production.

It is a light golden yellow color, with vanilla, butter, peach and nectarine scents and floral nuances on the nose. It has apricot, peach and honey connotations on the palate. Medium bodied and slippery. It can be sipped with seafood and white meat at 10-12 degrees. The producer stated that it is a wine that can be aged under suitable conditions, and it can be stored for 3-4 years.

Firuze Sauvignon Blanc & Narince 2013

A 14% alcoholic white wine made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes harvested from the 550-meter altitude of the Şarköy-Gaziköy region and Narince grape from the Tokat region. Light yellow, slightly fruity and floral, slightly weak on the nose and alcohol on the palate. It should be drunk within 1-2 years without waiting. The manufacturer recommends serving between 5-8 degrees.

Suvla – Sauvignon Blanc – 2014

“Suvla – Sauvignon Blanc” is light yellow in color, made from grapes grown in Bozokbağ in Kabatepe in Suvla. Apple, pear, lemon, grapefruit and fresh grass scents are evident on the front nose. Fruity and fresh on the palate. Vivid acidity, 13.5 degrees alcohol, medium bodied and medium-short finish. It can be chilled and sipped with white meats.

Suvla Sauvignon Blanc 2014 took its place among the “Commended Medal” wines at the International Wine Challenge 2015 and Decanter World Wine Awards 2015, one of the most important wine competitions in the world.

La Consensus – Chardonnay – 2010

Izmir – Torbali

Matured for 8 months in three different types of barrels made of French, American and Central European oaks, Consensus Chardonnay has bouquets evoking toast, acacia and vanilla, as well as exotic fruit flavors.

Meal Pairing
Seafood pastas, fish dishes and other white meats go well.

Doluca Safir- Misket – 2013

Semi-sweet (démisek) wine made in Çerkezköy from Misket grapes of the Aegean region. 13.5 degrees alcohol. Greenish light yellow color. Lychee, exotic fruit and flower scents are very prominent on the nose. Full and dense on the palate, slightly sweet, fruity and floral bouquets are rich and persistent. A white that should be sipped with dessert or cheese or as an aperitif without being too chilled.

Sevilen İsabey – Chardonnay – 2012

It is made from the grapes of the company’s vineyards in Menderes Karaçaltı. 13.5 alcoholic. Vibrant bright green gold color. On the nose, mineral traces accompany the scents that are associated with pineapple and cascading almonds. Full, oily and slippery on the palate. A “Sauvignonesque” white with lively and fresh acidity. Both tender and full-bodied… It should be tried with shellfish and Asian cuisines within 1-2 years, without being too cold.

Chamlija Chardonnay 2013

One of the Burgundian clones planted in the limestone vineyards of Poyralı village. It was fermented in French oak barrels and rested on a residue for 1 year in barrels. 14.5 alcoholic.

Golden yellow in colour. From the first oaky bouquets are prominent, caramel and butter tones stand out. Gradually, apple and pear-like bouquets appear and dominate the palate. A rich, strong, intense, mineral and lingering white on the palate. It’s complex. Within 2-3 years, it should accompany seafood or poultry served with strong sauces, sipped at 12 degrees.

Sarafin Chardonnay 2012

From the grapes of Sarafin vineyards in Çanakkale – Saroz, fermented in oak barrels and rested on the residue. 14 degrees alcohol.

Greenish light yellow in color. Pineapple, light soot and wood tones are prominent on the nose. Full on the palate, dense, almost oily texture. Slightly behind the richness of past yields. It should be sipped with fish and shellfish within 1-2 years, not too cold.

Likya Arykanda – Sauvignon-Blanc – 2013 – Antalya

Made from the grapes of Elmalı vineyards at an altitude of 1,100 meters, with 12.2 degrees alcohol.

Light yellow with green highlights. On the nose and palate, exotic and citrusy scents are evident, reminiscent of bergamot and lime. Fresh acidity, lively fruity, fresh and refreshing. It should be tried with spicy appetizers, white meats and Asian dishes within 1-2 years after being cooled well.

Chamlija – Albarino & Narince – 2014

Chamlija Albarino Made from Albarino and de Narince grapes grown in Chamlıja’s vineyard at an altitude of 300 meters at the foot of the Strandja Mountains. Fermented in French oak barrels and aged for 5 months.

Leona – Narince & Chardonnay – 2014

Leona Narince-Chardonnay is a round bodied, soft and well-balanced wine that presents Narince, the native grape of Anatolia, and Chardonnay, an international grape, in one character. Orange blossom and pineapple on the nose; On the palate, it offers apricot, caramel, vanilla, coconut and banana flavors. It fits perfectly with grilled white meats and can be enjoyed as an aperitif. It is recommended to drink at 8-10 °C.

Kayra Allure – Sauvignon Blanc – 2013

Produced at the Şarköy wine facilities of Mey İçki. 13 degrees alcohol.

In light green colour. On the nose, citrus flavors reminiscent of lime and grapefruit are at the forefront. Light on the palate, fresh acidity, fruity and refreshing. It should be tried with seafood starters or exotic Asian cuisines in 1-2 years, sipped at 8-10 degrees.

DLC – Sultaniye & Emir – 2013

It is made from Aegean and Cappadocia grapes in Çerkezköy facilities. 14 degrees alcohol.

Straw yellow. Smells and flavors associated with grapefruit, lime, green grass and golden apple are very distinct. Thin, fresh acidity, fresh and refreshing on the palate. “Sauvignonesk” is a white. It should be sipped at 6 degrees within 1-2 years, served as an aperitif, with starters or with spicy white meats.

Corvus Teneia – Çavuş

Region : Bozcaada
Grape: sergeant
It is an extraordinarily elegant, light, straw-yellow color with green highlights in places, acacia, buckthorn and wildflower scents, and white fruit blossom scents such as apple and peach, leaving a silky soft, refreshing and fresh taste on the palate, strong aromatic continuity, supported by balanced acids. wine.
Teneia / To Tene /
[Tenes, Tenedos] Bozcaada’s name from the mythological history is Tenedos. When Tenes, son of Apollo, became the king of the island, the natives of the island, which took this name, were called Teneia, that is, “Tenedoslu”. We named this elegant wine Teneia, which we made from the Çavuş grape, which is native to the island. Apart from its taste, its biggest feature is that it is the first dry wine made from Bozcaada’s famous Çavuş grape.

Buzbağ Beyaz – Emir & Narince

It is produced from Emir grapes grown on mineral soils in Cappadocia Region and Narince grapes grown in Tokat Region. Combining the elegant aromas of Narince and the rich texture of Emir, Buzbağ Beyaz; It offers a refreshing and refreshing flavor accompanied by the aromas of lemon blossom, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, bergamot tea and apricot.

Perfectly matches with pasta with sauce, all kinds of fish and lightly spiced dishes