Sparkling Local Wines

Suvla İyi ki – Karasakız Brut – 2014

Fortunately, Suvla is a naturally sparkling wine produced from Karasakız grapes in Çanakkale’s Eceabat region using the champagne method. Light yellow, vibrant and bright colour. 12% alcohol with fine foams. Intense and refreshing on the palate with high acidity. There are connotations of bread, yeast and mineral. Aged for 18 months in the bottle. It should be served chilled at 10 degrees.

Suvla Kınalı Yapıncak – 2012

Natural sparkling wine produced by the champagne method from the local Kınalı Yapıncak grapes grown in the Suvla Vineyards in Çanakkale, Gallipoli. 12% alcohol. Light yellow color, medium and continuous foamy. The aroma of yeast is accompanied by the aromas of ripe apples and pears. It can be a soft drink appetizer. It can be enjoyed with starters and fruits. It should be served at 8-10 degrees.

Vinkara Yaşasın Brut Roze – 2015

Natural sparkling wine with 13% alcohol, produced by the traditional champagne method (Traditional Method) from Kalecik Karası grapes grown in Kalecik district. It has a light pink color, elegant and continuous foams. Strawberry, raspberry and currant aromas are felt. Lively, refreshing and lasting on the palate. It can be sipped with starters or light fruity desserts as an aperitif. A good option for a special day. It should be served at 6-8 degrees.

Kavaklıdere Altın Köpük Brut – 2016

Turkey’s first naturally sparkling wine produced from the Cappadocia region Emir grape. 12.5% alcoholic. It has bright yellow color, small, elegant and continuous foams. It has an oily, full and mineral structure. On the nose, floral, pear and apple aromas are felt. It can be thought of as an aperitif, before a meal or as a celebratory drink on a special occasion. It should be served chilled. The Global Sparkling Masters 2017 (The Drink Business), Bronze medalist.