Teruar And Wine

Teruar (Fr. terroir), one of the most basic terms of the wine world, is derived from the word “terre” meaning soil, but it is a comprehensive concept that cannot be limited to soil alone. When we say teruar, in addition to the soil structure of the vineyard, we are talking about various factors such as the climate characteristics of the region, the angle of seeing the sun in the soil / vines, the direction of the wind from the vineyard, how the vines are planted, the distance / proximity to the sea and the humidity rates. Therefore, we would not be exaggerating if we say that each vineyard is “unique” in itself and that the wine obtained from the grapes grown in each vineyard – and even further, in different parts of each vineyard – will also be “unique”. So far, only the part about bonding; And if we consider that production techniques and human labor are involved, we think it will not be difficult to imagine how complex and fascinating the whole process is.