Wine Making

AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlée): In this system, which is put into practice in order to protect the characteristics of French regional food products and not to put their imitations on the market in other countries or regions, the regions where wine will be produced, wine grapes, vine planting and care methods, production methods, alcohol ratio, hectare Many factors such as yield per head, labeling, chemical analysis values of wine were determined in detail.

Flavor: Flavors and smells originating from the grape and / or grape from which the wine is made is called aroma.

Leg: While the wine is in the glass, as a result of shaking with gentle circular movements, it rises on the inner walls of the glass and glides downward in paths, while in French, the formations that mean leg (jambes) or tears (larmes) are formed. This formation will be more pronounced in wines with high alcohol content.