How Should Wine Be Stored?

How should wine be stored? First of all, it should be said that we have made great progress in this regard from the past to the present. Some wines stored under appropriate conditions can remain intact for months or even years. Some wines do not need to be preserved anyway, because they are not made to age, they are called table wines. Most young reds or white wines are not stored for long. You can look at the details we gave in the previous post about this.

How can we store our wines at home assuming we choose the right wines? First of all, we should not forget that wine is affected by light, heat, humidity, sound, in other words vibration. We need an environment where we can rest our wines, sleep for a long time until the time to drink, is not exposed to sunlight, does not have much heat change, can be as far away from vibration as possible, and where the humidity rate can be at least 75%. 12-15 degrees is considered the ideal temperature for storing wine. In an environment of 18 degrees and above, wine ages and wears out quickly. Refrigerators in our homes are not enough in this regard. If we do not have special water closets, we can choose the coolest place of our house and protect the bottles from the sun and rest the wines for a while. But this road will carry risks when we want to keep wine for many years. It is important to keep the environment humid and to keep the bottles horizontal, as the cork not contacting the wine will cause the bottle to breathe more air and oxidize the wine. At this point, the most ideal solution would be to buy from tinder cabinets specially produced for wines.