International Wine Challenge

The International Wine Challenge (IWC),IWC is considered one of the world’s largest organizations that rigorously and blind tasting wines by style, region and harvest year. It is held in 2 stages, the first in November and the other in April. 1st stage results are announced in December and 2nd stage results are announced in May. The wines that won the Gold medal in the 1st stage are stored in the cellars whose temperature is kept constant until April, and this time they are brought against the wines that won the Gold medal in the 2nd stage in April at the Trophy tasting.

Awards are ranked as Trophy, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Commended and Great Value. For each award, the wines are evaluated in 3 separate sessions by a 10-person jury.

Round 1
Wines are either eliminated or rated as commendable in this round. The IWC presidents re-taste the selected or commended wines and confirm the determinations. If the IWC presidents approve, these wines may be given another chance for the 2nd round.

Round 2
In this round, wines are either eliminated or evaluated for Gold, Silver, Bronze medals. The commendable wines are also determined in this round. All wines are re-tasted by the IWC presidents to confirm the results.

Trophy Tastingiwc-awards
Wines that receive a Gold medal in the evaluation made in two different stages are re-evaluated in the Trophy tasting. Wines that win Gold and Silver medals are also included in the Great Value evaluation in this round. All Trophy award-winning wines are tasted and evaluated again by the IWC presidents, and the presidents also determine the wines that should be awarded as Champion Trophies.

International Trophies
International trophies are evaluated in the same way as regional trophies, but separated by grape type. For example, wines that win the National Pinot Noir Trophy compete with each other for the International Pinot Noir Trophy.

Champion Wine Trophies
All National Trophy-winning wines compete with each other in the categories of red, white, rosé, sweet, sparkling and fortified wines.

Planet Earth Awards
It is an award that receives a Trophy or Gold medal, as well as wines that are certified in sustainable agriculture, organic farming, biodynamic farming and fair trade.