Serving the Wine at the Right Temperature and in the Right Glass

We tried a suitably chilled white in 2 separate glasses at the Gusto Wine Course. Of course we didn’t know it was the same wine. The wine in the first glass scored lower in the tasters’ grade point average, while the wine in the second glass scored higher. When we removed the cover on the bottles and saw that the two same bottles were the same, we saw what the choice of glasses might cause. So, drinking the wine in the wrong glass will cause prejudice and misjudgment about that wine. Maybe if we drink it in the right glass, we will eliminate a wine that we can enjoy very much.

Another experiment in this lesson was the tasting of the same wine at different temperatures. This showed that overcooling a white makes us move away from the truth of the wine. For the reds, the generalizations such as serving at 16-18 degrees are not very correct. Knowing the correct temperature for each wine and offering it accordingly is an indispensable and even an indispensable task for a wine lover.