Can Every Wine Be Aged?

Can every wine be aged? This is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions about wine. In most people, we can say that there is a generalization that a wine that has been waiting for years is very valuable. Table wines produced for daily consumption do not have the ability to age, and their purpose is for consumption in a short time. In most cases, it is sufficient to present young wines at the appropriate temperature with the appropriate food and in a suitable glass according to the wine. Aging of wine means that the wine is oxidized to a certain extent and yet it becomes more delicious, preserves its properties, softens its tannins, and reaches a balanced and complex structure. In the world of wine, preserving a wine without vinegar for many years is not enough to call it aged wine. From this point of view, more than 5% of the wines produced in the world do not have the ability to age.