What is Wine Tasting?

Wine tasting (degustation) is the evaluation of wine both sensually and intellectually; As it can be done professionally, methodically and programmatically, it can also be done amateurishly and more arbitrarily in order to gain wine culture, to catch the harmony of wine and food, to be a more conscious consumer. In general terms, in a tasting, the wine is visually checked in a suitable glass, in a bright environment, on a white background. The colors, the clarity, the deposits, the tears running down the glass give us an idea of ​​the wine. Then, an evaluation is made on the aroma of the wine. The first smells hitting the nose, the scents that appear as we turn the wine into a glass, the bottom notes and bouquets allow us to obtain information on some subjects such as the type of wine, the variety of the grape, and the region. Also, in this second step, we make assessments that we can tell by scent, such as whether the wine has a defect. In the third step, the body, balance, minerality, acidity, aromas and finish of the wine are evaluated on the palate. Finally, after all the sensory evaluations, we make a total evaluation about the wine, taking into account the price-quality balance, we form a judgment about the relevant wine.